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The Hunger Site
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In conjunction with Webring, Inc we maintain and administer the African Music Web Ring. Here you will find a collection of web sites and home pages that strive to bring all types of  African Music to the web !  On every page which belongs to the ring you will find a next link that will bring you to the next site in the ring, allowing you to move from one site to the next until eventually you get back to where you started. This service is absolutely free, there is no catch.

If you own and operate an African Music Web-site and want to join the ring. There are  a number of steps to joining the ring. See Join


The African Music Web ring was set-up on Aug 20, 1998 by notz on the original system. was owned and operated by  Starseed which in 1989 was acquired by Geocities.  In early 1999, Yahoo! bought Geocities and eighteen months after the acquisition, on September 5, 2000, Yahoo! unveiled the Yahoo!WebRing. Since then Webring has now separated off as Webring, Inc

From those those early days the African Music Web Ring has grown substantially and now includes most of the major web-sites pertaining to African Music.

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