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We are looking for people who would like to contribute to the AfricanMusicHub and help build the world-wide community of people who love African Music.
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Baaba Maal Missing You

Baaba Maal Missing You (Mi Yeewnii)

Missing You…Mi Yeewnii (pronounced - Me U-knee), is a return to the roots and foundation of master musician Baaba Maal. Recorded after dark in the village of Nbunk, Senegal, this recording captures the essence of “acoustic Africa,” with remnants of crickets and African village life finding their way onto tape.
Eleven great songs featuring musicians such as Kante Manfila, Mansour Seck, Chris Franck (Da Lata), Kaouding Cissokho, Roberto Cuao Riviera and Janio Coronado (Sidestepper), Missing You
The collection of songs on Missing You were composed on acoustic guitar and, throughout the recording, Baaba maintains the  songs’ origins. In addition to the use of the instruments indigenous to Senegal, this offering includes many instruments that are represented in traditional music throughout West Africa.

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